Wally L.

June 5th, 2014 Hillsboro, OR

Just in case you might use this letter with potential customers, I want them to know this was an unsolicited recommendation.  I wanted to write you something because I was so impressed with your work on the Hillsboro house we own and are renovating to put on the market to sell.

The tile that you re-did in the kitchen and three bathrooms looks like it was just newly installed.  This is a thirteen year old house that was rented out for eleven years so there was a certain amount of abuse.  Not only did you do a great job, but you were very professional and quick to answer your phone when I needed to reach you.  Lastly, your voluntary offer to help my contractor move a washer and dryer from the upstairs to the garage (I recently had knee surgery and wasn't of much help) along with helping to move the refrigerator and range from the kitchen to the garage was beyond the call of duty. You are as advertised - actually exceeding my expectations not only with your professional results, but with you, James, as a person.  You will do extremely well.  My best wishes.